God Will Deal with Your Enemies

1 Peter 4:5

Jesus tells us to love our enemies, but how can we when real injustice is committed against us? In this lab, Pastor John shows trusting that God will judge all sin one day frees us to love those who wrong us today.

Principle for Bible Reading

What Did Jesus Do?

When pondering the question, “How then shall we live?” the Scriptures are our obvious roadmap. But when we hear a command from God and wonder how we can practically apply it, we can be enlightened by asking how Jesus obeyed it.

How Jesus obeyed commands and how we ought to might not always be the same (because he is God and we are not). But thinking about Jesus’s life and how he fulfilled commands can help us gain clarity on how to do likewise. Searching for intersections between what God expects of us and Jesus’s life gets us thinking more about his amazing life (as opposed to merely about principles to obey), and inclines us to give glory to the God-man for his perfect obedience on our behalf.

Study Questions

  1. Is it right for the Christian to take comfort in the fact that our enemies will be judged? Is this cruel? Why or why not?
  2. How does Peter say that Jesus treated his enemies in light of God’s coming judgment (1 Peter 2:22–23)?
  3. What would it look like to love those who malign you this week? Trusting in God’s coming judgment, take steps towards this.