God’s Miraculous Conception

Matthew 1:18–21

A child unlike any other child, a Son unlike any other son, a King unlike any other King, was born in Bethlehem. In this lab, John Piper explains why the divine conception is not merely an interesting fact, but is actually vital to our salvation.

Principle for Bible Reading


When we want to make certain that people understand what we are saying we repeat ourselves. From time to time, the biblical authors repeat themselves to highlight a specific point. Whenever you realize repetition in the Bible, make sure you take extra time to think about what is being repeated.

Study Questions

  1. If someone asked you why the virgin birth is so important to Christians, how would you answer?
  2. Watch the lab. Why does Pastor John not particularly like the terminology of, “the virgin birth?”
  3. How can the reality of the divine conception serve as a source of joy and peace this Christmas season?