Happy People Live for Others

Philippians 2:19–24

Some insist that when we receive joy from serving, we can’t call it true service. In this lab, John Piper shows how just the opposite is true. Genuine serving yields genuine joy.

Some questions to ask as you read and study Philippians 2:19–24:

  1. We often live more selfishly than we should due to the simple fact that we don’t truly believe it will make us happier. Do you believe that serving others, in Jesus’s name, is really a path to happiness?
  2. Watch the lab. Should a conflict exist between the pursuit of other people’s joy and the pursuit of our own? How do Paul and Timothy support your answer?
  3. When you think about serving the local church, what opportunities can you take advantage of? Do you believe that this pursuit is the pursuit of your own joy?

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Principle for Bible Reading

Word Searches

Word searches are important for deep study of the Bible. To conduct one, search for a particular word throughout the Bible to help clarify meaning and make connections to other Scriptures.

A concordance makes these searches easy as they list words and where each is used in the Bible. Beyond this you can usually search Bible apps or online texts for instances of where specific words are found throughout the Bible.