How a Prosperity Preacher Abuses a Verse

Luke 5:1–11

Luke 5:1–11 is not a story about how to get rich, but how to get free from riches. In this lab, John Piper shows how prosperity preachers not only twist and mangle the Bible’s message. They twist and mangle their hearers.

Some questions to ask as you read and study Luke 5:1–11:

  1. What is the prosperity gospel? Why is it dangerous?
  2. Read Luke 5:1–11. What might a prosperity gospel preacher try to infer from this text?
  3. Watch the lab. How would you lovingly correct someone who has misread this text (or others) with a prosperity bent?

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Principles for Bible Reading

The Golden Rule of Bible Reading

When we open our Bibles, we want to open them eager to learn. But we can fall into a reading habit that silences the authors in favor of our opinions.

The solution is to make sure we apply the Golden Rule to our reading: Do unto authors as you would have readers do unto you as an author. From this humble position, we ask God to shape our thoughts and convictions, and respond in obedience instead of misunderstanding.