How Does God Bless the Hurting?

1 Peter 3:14

God promises to bless Christians who suffer while living faithfully for his glory, whatever that suffering may be. But what is the blessing, and how does it come? In this lab, John Piper searches 1 Peter for references to God’s blessing to help those who are hurting.

Principle for Bible Reading

Identify key words in your verse or passage, and use a concordance to search for those key words (or ideas) elsewhere in the Bible. Begin searching within the book you are reading (e.g. 1 Peter, Romans, or Isaiah), then broaden it to the author you are reading, if he has written more than one book or letter (e.g. Peter, Paul, or John), and then finally you can broaden it to the rest of the Bible. Seeing how the same word (or idea) is used elsewhere will help you discern how the author might be using that word in the passage you are studying.

Study Questions

  1. When Peter says, “you will be blessed,” in 1 Peter 3:14, what do you think he means? How would you explain that blessing to someone?
  2. Read 1 Peter 3:9–12 and 4:14. How does Peter’s use of blessing in those passages help clarify your answer to the first question?
  3. Now, look at suffering in 1 Peter 1:6–7, 2:20, 4:16, and 5:10. What do you learn about Christian suffering that would help you understand 1 Peter 3:14?