How Not to Lead a Church

1 Peter 5:2–3

The world’s CEOs often are ambitious, stern, and overworked. In this lab, Pastor John instructs us that the God’s leaders need to be happy, holy, and humble.

Principle for Bible Reading


An author often seeks to emphasize what something is by stating what it is and what it is not. There is usually one idea being communicated by two different statements — one denies, and the other affirms. Keep your eyes open for when biblical authors utilizes this relationship.

Study Questions

  1. What role does joy play in as a qualification for Christian leadership?
  2. Make a lift of all the motives a Christian leader should minister with and all the ones he shouldn’t minister with listed in 1 Peter 5:1–3.
  3. Our text in 1 Peter 5:2–3, along with Hebrews 13:17 both confirm that it is beneficial for all that the churches shepherds are joyful men. Pray that your pastor would be happy and refreshed this week.