How to Be More Hospitable

1 Peter 4:9

People can annoy us with their needs. Our selfishness transforms loved ones into inconveniences. In this lab, Pastor John shows us that God calls us to more than begrudging hospitality.

Principle for Bible Reading

Word Searches

Word searches are important for deep study of the Bible. To conduct one, search for a particular word throughout the Bible to help clarify meaning and make connections to other Scriptures. A concordance makes these searches easy as they list words and where each is used in the Bible. Beyond this you can usually search Bible apps or online texts for instances of where specific words are found throughout the Bible.

Study Questions

  1. Would friends classify you as a hospitable person? What makes you hospitable? What prevents you from it?
  2. Would friends classify you as a grumbling person? What makes you grumble most? Why do you grumble?
  3. Read 1 Peter 4:9. When you don’t want to be hospitable, does this verse tell you to just suck it up and do it?