How to Fight the Devil

1 Peter 5:8–10

As Christians, we have often been trained to fight pride, lust, anxiety, laziness, and other sins. In this lab, Pastor John trains us to fight with Satan.

Principle for Bible Reading

Mine Within the Context First

Making connections to other passages enriches Bible study. We need to make connections, but we also need to be careful to import other passages into the one we are studying before we have given the passage itself its proper due.

The problem with moving all over the Bible too quickly is that we can miss what the particular author wanted to communicate. In many cases the author could have brought in other passages or made connections but that might not have been his point.

Cross-reference and do word searches, but let each author speak for himself without making a collage of other passages too quickly.

Study Questions

  1. How does 1 Peter 5:7–9 instruct us to fight against Satan?
  2. How does the “knowing” of 1 Peter 5:9 help us resist the devil?
  3. Is there any place in your life that you have not been resisting Satan? Resolve this week, by God’s help and Christian community, to wage war in that area.