How to Rejoice in Revelation

Revelation 4:10–11

The final chapter in any book is often the best, and yet many Christians do not rejoice in Revelation because it can be hard to understand. In this lab, Pastor John helps us read the last pages of Scripture.

Principle for Bible Reading

Doctrine of Least Meaning

Confusing texts can overwhelm us. We can be confronted with so much that we don’t understand that we turn away before we meditate on what we can figure out from the passage.

Next time you’re stuck on a text, write down a few things you can see in the passage before you move on.

Study Questions

  1. What do you do when you come across a confusing text in the book of Revelation?
  2. Read Revelation 4:10–11. Even if you do not understand all of the symbolism, what can you learn from the text? What can you worship God for?
  3. Why does Revelation 4:10–11 tell us that God deserves your worship this week?