Kill Sin or Sin Will Kill You

Killing sin is not optional. In this lab, John Piper explains how even though we are not saved by works, none of us will make it to heaven without actively killing our sin.

Some questions to ask as you read and study:

  1. Sin always over promises and under delivers. So what lies do you often believe that cause you to fall into sin?
  2. Watch the lab. Why should we think of killing sin as a life and death matter if we are saved by faith? Why is it important to understand this?
  3. What daily habits have you practiced that resulted in seasons where sin was easier to fight against? How can you implement those again this week?

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Principle for Bible Reading

Interpret What Is Unclear by What Is Clear

If you cannot understand a passage, a helpful thing to do is discern what is clear from the passage (and surrounding passages) to see whether it can shed light on what is unclear.