Lower Yourself in Love Like Jesus

Philippians 2:3–8, Part 2

The key to enduring suffering in service to others is putting on the humility of Christ. But how do we become humble people? In this lab, John Piper walks us through the birth and death of Jesus, showing us how to unite ourselves to him and to walk in love after his example. The end of all our humble service is everlasting joy.

Principle for Bible Reading

One question we should be asking when slow down over a passage in the Bible is whether a particular author uses a word in this verse(s) somewhere else in their writing. Sometimes he will use the same word in close proximity, as in Philippians 2:3–6. Often, we learn a great deal by seeing how they use that word in other places.

Study Questions

  1. Explain the exchange being made in Philippians 2:3. Practically, what role does humility play in that transition?
  2. What word occurs in Philippians 2:3 and Philippians 2:6? What is Paul communicating to us by using the same word in those two places?
  3. Now read Philippians 2:9–11. Do you see anything new about the humility of Jesus Christ in these verses? What does that mean for our humility and service now?
Piper: “For the joy set before him, Jesus abandoned his glorious state and endured the cross.”