Nine Promises for Every Anxiety

The surest way to harbor anxiety is not to respond to your unbelief. In this lab, John Piper shows how to fight worry with biblical promises.

Some questions to ask as you read and study:

  1. What tends to make you anxious? How do you deal with your worries?
  2. Watch the lab. In what way does John Piper say unbelief relates to anxiety?
  3. List out the nine promises for the nine different anxieties mentioned. Out of the nine, which one impacted you the most? Memorize the promise to help you fight.

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Principle for Bible Reading

Pray Scripture

God gives us the words of men and women throughout history who have poured out their hearts before him. Some were persecuted, suffering, and broken over sin; others were confused, angry, and bereaved. The cries of God’s saints in his word match each season of life we find ourselves in. God has given them to us to be nourished by and pray back to him.