Seek the Treasure That Will Not Fail

Luke 12:32–34, Part 2

Principle for Bible Reading

“Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” What we treasure has massive implications for the health and security of our hearts. In this lab, John Piper explains why treasure in heaven will satisfy us more than any other, and shows us the pathway to more of the joy found in Jesus.

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Introduction/Prayer (00:00–01:58)

We are sheep of a great shepherd, children of a great father, and subjects of a great king. This shepherd/father/king delights to give, so we also should be generous toward those in need.

The Treasure in Heaven (Luke 12:33) (01:58–04:03)

  1. This treasure will not be lost (“grow old”).
  2. This treasure will not fail.
  3. This treasure will not be stolen (“no thief”).
  4. This treasure will not be ruined (“no moth destroys”).

The Treasure in Your Heart (04:03–06:09)

  1. The heart is the emotional barometer of the value and security of the treasure (Luke 12:34). If your treasure is vulnerable, your joy is vulnerable. If your treasure is secure, your joy is secure. If your treasure is great, your joy is great.
  2. Your heart follows your treasure, wherever and however it leads. Your heart rises and falls with the quality and security of what you treasure.
  3. The full, trustworthy, satisfying treasure in heaven is God — himself, his Son, his kingdom.

Generosity and Joy (06:09–10:19)

  1. Giving to the needy is providing yourself with a never-failing treasure. Generosity is the way you have this treasure. (Luke 12:33)
  2. You do not earn the kingdom (the treasure). You confirm that you are a person with this treasure by your generosity.
  3. You confirm that God is your treasure, and you increase your treasure, and therefore your joy (Luke 6:38). In God’s economy, there is a correlation between our generosity and our joy.
  4. Therefore, do not be afraid. Let’s sell what we need to in order to give all we can.

Study Questions

  1. Explain the “For” at the beginning of Luke 12:34. How does Luke 12:34 ground or explain Luke 12:33?
  2. In Luke 12:34, try and explain the connection between the treasure and the heart? In what ways does our heart follow/depend on what we treasure?
  3. How does Luke 6:38 help clarify the relationship between our generosity and our reward (joy)?
Piper: “With God as our treasure, let’s sell what we need to in order to give all we can.”