Show the World a Life Worth Living

1 Peter 4:3–4

The Christian life is truly the life worth living. In this lab, Pastor John shows how following Jesus gives us an opportunity to show a dying world what real life looks like.

Principle for Bible Reading

Get a View of the Landscape

Reading through whole books of the Bible in one sitting can be extremely beneficial. We may miss the overarching message and big themes of a book (the forest) by studying only verse-by-verse (the trees).

Set aside a couple of days to read through a whole book several times before walking through it in a slower, more in-depth way.

Study Questions

  1. Have you ever been criticized or rejected for not participating in the sins you once did? How did you respond?
  2. Peter does not merely call us to separate ourselves from the world and its behavior. What else has Peter called believers to in the letter so far? See 1 Peter 2:12, 15; 3:16.
  3. The Christian life entails separating from the world’s sinful ways and doing good. Which is more of a struggle for you — to separate from sin or proactively do good? What practical steps can you take to grow?