Stand Firm in Grace

1 Peter 5:12

The grace of God meets us more faithfully than the morning and strengthens us more ardently than our daily bread. In this lab, Pastor John covers the exhortations of 1 Peter, including the one to stand firm in grace.

Principle for Bible Reading

Learn Biblical Greek

The New Testament was originally written in Greek. Therefore, it is beneficial to learn some Greek to be able to engage with the original texts. That being said, knowing Greek is beneficial but by no means necessary. Most Christians will never have the opportunity to learn Greek, and those who do not have worlds of glory to explore in their translated Bible. But if the opportunity ever does present itself, take a class or two of introductory Greek.

Study Questions

  1. We must trust others to simply live in this world from day to day. What are characteristics that make someone trustworthy or not?
  2. Watch the lab. What reasons does Pastor John give for including the description of Silvanus in 1 Peter 5:12 as “a faithful brother.” Do you agree?
  3. Go through the list of exhortations in 1 Peter (given in the lab). Which do you need to heed this week?