The Bible Will Teach You How to Think

Digging for treasure is harder than raking leaves. But in this lab, Pastor John reminds us that even though digging into God’s word is hard, the diamonds we can find are infinitely worth it.

Principle for Bible Reading

Find Promises in Who God Is

The Bible is a book full of promises. We can excavate some of them in places many do not see at first glance. Pastor John finds implicit promises in statements concerning who God is or what he does.

For example, Isaiah 51:12–13 reminds us that God is our comforter and creator. Therefore, he promises to comfort us when we trust in him.

Study Questions

  1. What can you learn about God from Isaiah 51:12–13? What does he promise?
  2. What is the link between pride and fear in this passage?
  3. Read the first line of Isaiah 51:12. Is this true for you? What hurts do you need to bring to God that he might comfort you?