The Lord Gives and Takes Away

Job 19:11–42:12

God is more precious than possessions, family, health, and life. In this lab, John Piper shows that Job lost them all and remained steadfast in the Lord.

Some questions to ask as you read and study Job:

  1. Can God be loving and still take away everything from us?
  2. Read Job 40:1–5 and 42:1–6. What did Job’s repentance look like? What are some truths that Job asserts about God that the suffering should know?
  3. Job shows that none of us handles suffering perfectly. How have you failed to handle suffering well in the past? How will you resolve to respond differently going forward?

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Principle for Bible Reading

Past, Present, Future

The word of God reminds us of past events, proclaims present truths, and gives glimpses of future realities. Pay close attention to whether the verbs in the verse you’re studying are past, present, or future. God often surprises us with telling us how past events affect the present and future, and how future events are in some ways already present realities.