Two Ways to Oppose God

Philippians 3:18–21

In this lab, John Piper explains that the cross either turns a rebel into God’s child or confirms that a rebel is God’s enemy.

Some questions to ask as you read and study Philippians 3:18–21:

  1. What are different ways people oppose God? How have you opposed God in the past?
  2. Read Philippians 3:18–21. What do you think it means to be an enemy of the cross? How does Paul describe these people?
  3. How does he contrast the enemies of the cross with the Philippian believers? What role does your church community play in keeping you from being an enemy of the cross?

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Principle for Bible Reading

Get a View of the Landscape

Reading through whole books of the Bible in one sitting can be extremely beneficial. We may miss the overarching message and big themes of a book (the forest) by studying only verse by verse (the trees).