Your Kingdom Come

Matthew 6:9–13, Part 1

Principle for Bible Reading

In five short verses in Matthew, Jesus taught us to pray. There are prayer-life-changing glories to be seen in these most familiar words if we slow down enough to see them. In this lab, John Piper begins a three-part series on the Lord’s Prayer.

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Introduction/Prayer (00:00–01:04)

Our Father in Heaven (01:04–03:10)

  1. Who can say “our” Father (Matthew 6:9)? The fatherhood of God is established by the relationship we have with Jesus (John 8:42). Do you love Jesus?
  2. Jesus came into the world to remove the wrath of God against us and welcome us into God’s family as children.
  3. Everything in this prayer comes to us from a loving Heavenly Father.

Hallowed Be Your Name (03:10–05:42)

  1. When we hallow (“sanctify”) God’s name we do not make him good or holy (the way God sanctifies us). (Matthew 6:9)
  2. To hallow God’s name doesn’t merely mean to regard him as good and holy, either, because even the demons regarded him as holy. (Mark 1:24)
  3. To hallow God’s name means something more — to love him, honor him, value him, treasure him above all else.

Your Kingdom Come (05:42–08:23)

  1. God is already the king over all things. His rule has already been established in all the earth (Psalm 103). But there seems to be a way in which his kingdom has not come. (Matthew 6:10)
  2. Isn’t God’s sovereign will done at all times and in all places? Yes, but clearly there’s a way in which his will is not yet done on the earth.
  3. How do the angels (“as it is in heaven”) do his will? The angels always obey God’s commands perfectly and joyfully.
  4. Therefore, this prayer is a prayer that God would continue transforming the world into a place where everyone obeys him perfectly and joyfully.

Prayer (08:23–09:19)

Study Questions

  1. When can someone pray (with integrity) “Our Father in heaven. . .”? Can you think of other verses in the Bible that would help people know if God is their Father?
  2. Why does Jesus tell us to pray for God’s kingdom when God has always been King? He has always ruled the world and everything in it, so in what way does his kingdom still have to come?
  3. Write out a short prayer to God applying what you’ve learned studying these verses.
Piper: “God, grant me what I need to make your name great in the world.”

‘The Lord’s Prayer’ Series

This lab is part of a series through Jesus’s prayer in Matthew 6:9–13. If we are going to learn to be alone with God in prayer, we need to slow down and mine everything we can from this short lesson Jesus gave his disciples. John Piper reveals several key insights he has seen in these verses over the years. Visit ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ series page to see all three labs in this series.