A Conversation About Collision

Desiring God 2009 National Conference

With Calvin in the Theater of God

Here are the questions that John Piper asked Doug Wilson. Listen to the audio for the full conversation.

Christopher Hitchens said at the end of the movie that, given the chance, he wouldn't convert the last theist. Why do you think he said that?

What is Hitchens' best counterpoint to the claim that he is getting his morality for judging Christianity from Christians?

What is the relationship between doing apologetics and evangelizing?

In the video you speak about having "copiousness." Describe what that is and whether you think it is important for pastors to cultivate.

What is your hope for this film?

What about the "s" word at the end of the film? Why do you allow for it here but don't tolerate it from your children?

Why the recent upsurge in the New Atheism?