A Passion for God’s Supremacy and Compassion for Man’s Soul

Resolved Conference | Long Beach, California

In the final session of Resolved 2007, Piper answered how the truth that “God is the gospel” relates to missions. In particular, how does a passion for the glory of God relate to compassion for the unbelieving peoples of the world?

Pastor John offered five steps for how these two fit together:

  1. Compassion pursues the rescue of perishing sinners.
  2. Fear of hell by itself saves nobody.
  3. Therefore, compassion must not merely warn but also lure to the pleasures of knowing Christ. (Preaching must not only warn but woo.)
  4. The key is this: Satisfaction in Christ is the essence of saving faith that rescues us from perishing—and this is what glorifies God.
  5. The aim of compassion and the aim of a passion for God’s glory are not different in the way they come about. Treasuring Christ honors God and saves from hell.

In sum, what magnifies God is being satisfied in God. And this is right at the heart of what saving faith is, and saving faith is what saves people from destruction.