No Condemnation Now I Dread

Audio Transcript

The wrath of God will have been escapable. Now, in this room, it is escapable. In fact, my prayer has been for these 48 hours or so that none would walk out of here still liable to the wrath of God. Isn’t it an awesome thought that God has so acted in history that no one must leave here still liable to the wrath of God? We have the possibility in front of us in the next five minutes to move from the wrath of God to the favor of God forever.

Not Only Just

If you were to ask, “How can that be? How can that just be? How can such an awesome transaction just happen in a moment?” The answer is: God is not only just and he’s not only wrathful. He’s massively loving, and God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son to hang on a cross and become a curse for us, so that all of the wrath designed for us for eternity would be wrapped up in Jesus. As we fly to Jesus and say, “Take me, please, cover me, shield me, be my refuge,” he will, and never again will there be one moment of wrath on your life. Not one moment.

Not One Moment of Wrath

Cancer will not be wrath. Divorce will not be wrath. It will be your Father mingling pain and pleasure to bring his child into the likeness of his Son. There will not be one moment of wrath on those who hide in Jesus, and therefore my arms are wide because God’s arms are wide here, now, in this room.

No one must leave here if you would have relief without. You don’t need to go away afraid that you’re going to die tonight and be in hell forever. You don’t have to, and I say that not because I have any power or you have any power, but totally to make much of Jesus tonight.

Christ Became a Curse for Us

We love Christ in this church. Let me just quote a final verse that expresses his great beauty. It’s one of the sweetest of all. We were praying over it for you about an hour and a half ago — Galatians 3:13. Listen to it. This is the word of God — not Piper’s word. This is the word of God:

Christ became a curse for us. As it is written, “cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree.”

Almost everything is in that verse. There’s a curse on me. It’s wrath. I deserve it. It’s going to be eternal, and it’s going to be terrible, and God sees that. He knows that’s the case of all people, and he sends his Son into the world. And he says, “Go preach the gospel to all creatures. Preach repentance and preach faith.” You can’t earn it. You can’t buy it. You can’t negotiate for it. You can’t barter for it. It is absolutely free if you will have it.

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