“We Will Come to You”

Christian Help for Refugees

Audio Transcript

If it turns out that the U.S. government settles on a refugee policy based on fear and callousness to the most vulnerable people, the gospel-believing church in America is not constrained to embrace that mindset or those fears, or be limited by that action. We march to a different drum. We have a different King. Our citizenship belongs elsewhere.

And in response, we should say to the world by our action: If our government fears and excludes you, we will come to you. We will increase our age-long commitment to send and support a steady stream of missionaries and support workers out of America who carry the best news in the world, and who care about all suffering, especially eternal suffering, and thus bear witness that we are not governed by fear or hardness of heart, but by Jesus Christ, who became a servant unto death that all the peoples might glorify God for his mercy.

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