Where the Best Human Wisdom Leads

Audio Transcript

The greatest human wisdom is the factual knowledge of reality and the situational insight and the necessary resolve that will succeed in attaining full and lasting happiness.

I’m not qualifying it like, “has the best chance of attaining.” I’m not. That’s gone. Because God has ordained that no power in the universe can keep his redeemed people, acting in his Spirit-given wisdom, from attaining full and lasting happiness in his presence forever. Nothing can hinder it — finally.

“God’s divine wisdom planned for his people before creation cannot fail.”

First Corinthians 2:7 The apostles to believers: “We impart a secret and hidden wisdom of God, which God decreed before the ages for our glory.” That divine wisdom planned for his people before creation cannot fail. He’s not crossing his fingers.

When that wisdom is imparted to us, by the Holy Spirit, in the new birth, and when we walk according to that wisdom, in faith, we cannot fail to be happy forever. You cannot. It was decreed for your glory — which won’t bore you.

So, my more specific definition of the best human wisdom, the kind that we want and we can have — blood-bought by Jesus, given by the Spirit, through faith — that wisdom is the factual knowledge, situational insight, and necessary resolve that, together, succeed in attaining full and everlasting happiness.

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