Five Reasons Not to Be Anxious

Audio Transcript

It seems to me that in my most desperate moments, when turmoil of soul is owing to some family issue, or marriage issue, or health issue, or church or job issue — at those moments — the remedy is trust him. Not only is it going to work out in the end, and you’re going to be with him forever in the most intimate fellowship, but right now he hasn’t left you. He gave you a helper.

Notice — I love this — he didn’t give you an observer, like, “I’m watching. I’m right here next to you and I’m watching.” That’s not what I need. Everybody’s already watching me! I don’t need another person to watch me. I need a helper, an advocate, a comforter, a paraclete — one who stands by me, in me, on me, under me, around me, and is working through me, because I can’t figure anything out by myself, nor can I make it through.

Whatever the problems are that cause an unholy turmoil to rise up, let not your heart be troubled.

  1. Trust him because he has a place for you in your Father’s house.

  2. Let not your heart be troubled because Jesus prepared a place for you by opening the way there and removing every single obstacle, especially your sin.

  3. Let not your heart be troubled because Jesus himself is your dwelling place, and he has promised to come and take you to himself. It’s not like he’s taking you to some room out there. Who wants a room? I don’t want a room; I want a person. A room just means you’re in the house, and Jesus is your room.

  4. Let not your heart be troubled because the Father and Jesus are one, so that if you have Jesus, you have the Father.

  5. And lastly, you have Jesus now because he sent his Spirit to you, the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of truth. And he is not an observer. He is an omnipotent helper for tonight’s issue that you’re facing, and tomorrow’s, and death and resurrection.

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