What’s Your Attitude Toward the Least?

Audio Transcript

Your disposition walking down the street is give, not, I won’t be taken in by that rascal beggar on the corner. He’s a liar. He always tells lies. That’s not your mind-set! I had that mind-set for a long time. I walk by these people every day. I walk by. I don’t drive by. I walk by. I know their names — six of them. My wife and I stop.

“Jesus doesn’t really care whether you got ripped off.”

What’s your attitude towards these folks? Yeah, half of them are going to rip you off. They’re going to lie through their teeth about what that money’s for. What’s your heart? What’s your disposition?

I’ll give you a little test here — a little warning: When you get to heaven, you will not hear out of the mouth of King Jesus, “Wow. You were sure shrewd not to be taken advantage of.” I promise you, that will not be one of your rewards. If you were taken advantage of fifty percent of the time, and the other fifty percent it met some need and glorified Jesus — and you don’t know which is which; he does — he doesn’t really care whether you got ripped off. You got plenty. You got plenty. That’s what I finally decided. So I go to the bank, I get fifty ones, put them in a drawer, carry six a day, and I give them away.

I give enough of them away that I can look into their eyes and say, “Look, if I just give you these three to five one-dollar bills, can I have three minutes of your time?” They always give me three minutes. That’s cool. I said, “Tell me your story. Just tell me your story. That’s all I want to know. I want to know your story. I want you to be honest with me, now. This is yours. Keep it whether you tell me or not, but you take it from there.”

Test your heart, Christian.

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