Let the Nations Be Glad!


The Supremacy of God in Missions

Time markers:

0:14 — How would you help those considering the missionary call?

5:04 — Did you ever consider long-term cross-cultural missions?

8:45 — How do you awaken a passion for missions in others?

12:49 — How do I care about missions when I'm just trying to make it?

16:48 — The importance of discipleship in the Great Commission.

19:42 — The tension in missions and caring for our families.

23:00 — Why is there more women on the field than men?

26:12 — What is the role of women in missions?

30:10 — What about crossing a culture without changing geography?

33:30 — What do you think about Muslims having dreams about Jesus?

37:36 — What happened to the old projector used in past seminars?