Eternity in the Ordinary

Audio Transcript

Ecclesiastes 3:11 may be a familiar verse to many of you — it’s an amazing verse. It says, “God has put eternity in man’s heart, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end.” What is that?

I take that to mean that the human soul God has put in here and the world is iridescent with wonders linked with eternity — knowledge, taste, sight, touch, then they go away. The hum-drum, ordinary, and mundane experiences of life keep us from seeing them and soaring the way we’d like to dream sometimes. And even we believers, who have the Holy Spirit of God dwelling in us say we have this treasure in clay pots.

“Our spirit is alive with God’s Spirit, and our bodies are dead because of sin.”

We live this tension. We live this mystery. There is a bigness and awesomeness about a believer at something so utterly non-awesome. You don’t look awesome. I’m not awesome. But you are awesome. One day, the children of God will be revealed, Romans 8:19 says. Right now, you look like everybody else, and yet, you’re not like everybody else.

Our spirit is alive with God’s Spirit, and our bodies are dead because of sin. That’s the way life is. And that’s the way this prayer is: iridescent with eternity and then woven into the ordinary thing of life.

We rehearse the prayer from Matthew 6: “Father, cause your great holy name to be honored, reverenced, esteemed, treasured, and valued above all things.” Again: “Cause your glorious sovereign, kingly rule to hold sway without obstruction everywhere in the universe.” And right here, especially. “Cause your all-wise, all-good, all-just, all-holy will to be done all over the world the way the angels do it in heaven — perfectly and joyfully. We want to see a planet like that. Bring it.”

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