The Key to a Lifetime of Happiness

Audio Transcript

My father was the happiest man I’ve ever known. And I asked one time, “Daddy, what would you say is the key to a lifetime of happiness?” And he didn’t even hesitate — he said, “Tell somebody about Jesus.” That’s not what I expected!

And you know that his answer is true. You know it, from those few times when you’re able to receive and overflow, receive and overflow. That’s what you’re made for. That’s what this thing called a brain, and mouth, and hands are made for — to receive untold graces from God and then to tell somebody about them. When that happens, the flow just invigorates, and you’re two days away from your death.

So yes, let’s resolve to find somebody to tell. Do it with an email, a phone call, a note. Do it with a friend. And I’m not talking about anything elaborate or theological — I’m just saying: “Isn’t God good?” That would do. Over lunch, you look someone in the eye, and say, “Isn’t God good?” And they’d probably look at you and say, “Why do you say that?”

“Because I’m alive!” or “I could get out of bed this morning,” or “I have no aches or pains,” or “I can see you across this table,” or “My sins are forgiven! I’ve escaped hell! God is not mad at me anymore! I’m going to heaven!

That doesn’t take any education at all. That just takes reality.

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