No Government Can Seize Our Rights

Audio Transcript

When we weaken our prophetic stance as citizens of heaven and fail to distance ourselves from great moral evil in presidential candidates — or anywhere else — we have strayed into a wrongheaded this-worldliness that seeks to wield the power of the state to secure our rights as Christians, when in fact the rights of the children of God cannot be taken away by men because they are not given by men.

No mere government can abolish our true freedom. Jesus himself purchased our everlasting liberty.

Our rights are to belong to Jesus, to stand justified before a holy God, to own everything and inherit everything, to love our enemies, to return good for evil, to treasure Christ above all things, and to live forever in overflowing joy in the presence of God. Those are our blood-bought rights. They cannot be secured for us by laws. They cannot be taken from us by courts.

Our blood-bought rights and freedoms as citizens of heaven are not the same as American freedom of religion, freedom of worship, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly. Christ did not die to guarantee these rights for this age. All these freedoms — precious as they are — can be taken away without any essential loss of our Christian freedom! Therefore, when we seek to use the power of the state to secure these civic freedoms, as if their loss would be the loss of our Christian faith, we betray that we have lost our bearings and fall into a wrongheaded this-worldliness.

As citizens of heaven our freedoms and our joy are invincible and everlasting. They cannot be taken from us. Our livelihood may be taken. Our family may be taken. Our lives may be taken. But our joy and our freedom cannot be taken. Christ bought them with his blood for anyone and everyone who embraces him as supreme. The proclamation of this truth to all the peoples of the world is ten thousand times more important than this election or even the existence of America.

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