Is Your Marriage Lying to the World?

Audio Transcript

Marriage is not mainly about staying in love. Marriage is mainly about covenant keeping. And the reason it is mainly about covenant keeping is that it’s mainly about the relationship between Christ and his covenant people: the church.

“If we say that headship and submission don’t matter, we are preparing our marriages to lie to the world.”

What defines the relationship between Christ and the church is leading and following. Therefore, if in a marriage we say, “It doesn’t matter whether we deal with a wife’s submission and a husband’s headship,” we are preparing our marriages to lie to the world. Marriage is created in this world to display Christ and the church, and how in this loving relationship a magnificent bond is formed that is beautiful to watch when it is lived out.

Perhaps I should end on this note lest it goes unsaid. Christ came for his church and died for her in order to bring about her everlasting holy joy. Therefore, it cannot be bad news in a Christian marriage when that is happening: when a wife is following that kind of sacrificial lead, it is beautiful to behold.

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