Why Would God Ordain Evil?

Look at the Book Live Seminar | Houston, Texas

God loves our questions, when they’re asked from faith. We’re told to “get wisdom, and whatever you get, get insight” (Proverbs 4:7). God is not put off when we try to see how all things hold together in him (Colossians 1:17). What he cannot stand is the defiant skepticism that receives what God says and throws it back at him (Genesis 17:17; Luke 1:18) — avoid people like this (Proverbs 14:7).

God’s sovereign predestination of all things is one of the great mysteries of the Bible. How can God be just to ordain that some be chosen for salvation and others be left in their sins? This is clearly what Romans 9:6–18 teaches. And not only here — the absolute sovereignty of God sings from every page in the Bible. So when we ask our questions (and we should), we should ask with humble faith — not to find fault with God, but to know and love God.

In this segment, John Piper examines the text of Romans 9:19–23, explaining Paul’s answer to the question of how God is righteous to ordain evil. With humility, let’s listen to Paul and seek to understand with faith.

Look at the Book is John Piper’s latest effort to help teach people to read the Bible for themselves. It’s an ongoing series of 8–12 minute videos in which the camera is on the text, not the teacher.

As part of this initiative, Desiring God is putting on regional events focused on certain passages of Scripture. This is Part 10 in a series on Romans 9 called “The Word of God Has Not Failed.”