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A Christian call to pro-life action is a call for the children of light to be who they are in Christ. Christians who walk in the light must expose the dark and fruitless works of abortion. The murder of pre-born children is a dark and barren work, and God calls his people to expose it.

Celebrate the Precious Gift of Life

Human life is a magnificent thing. There is nothing else like it. Every human being, no matter how small, is fearfully and wonderfully made. Every human being, no matter how disregarded, bears the image of God. And every human being, no matter how weak, will keep on living forever.

Speak the Truth About Abortion

When it comes to abortion, everyone knows what’s happening — all the world knows. We are killing children. Pro-choice and pro-life people all know this. Sinful hardness of heart, not innocent ignorance, lies at the root of this carnage.

Name the Terrible Evil of Abortion

Children in the womb today are not clumps of cells. They are people — sons and daughters. They are innocent of any crime deserving death. Their blood is being poured out in the most gruesome procedures of dismemberment.

Protest the Dark Work of Planned Parenthood

Christians should rescue those who are being led away to death and hold them back from the slaughter. God’s people must do something for the sake of life.

Offer Grace to All Involved

Jesus offers forgiveness for women who have aborted a child. He offers it to men who have encouraged their girlfriend or wife to abort their child. He offers it to employees of abortion clinics. And he offers it to those who are apathetic and doing nothing about this great evil in our society.

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