Mom Enough (New Book)

Tony Reinke

Are you mom enough?

Time Magazine forced this question into the face of every mother with bold letters above a cover image of a young mother breastfeeding her four-year-old. When the issue hit newsstands, it re-ignited a longstanding “mommy war”…

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Resolve to Be a Lifelong Learner

David Mathis

Age may increase life experience, but without some long-term pattern of receptivity and intentionality, multiplied experiences will only create more confusion than clarity. Here, then, is the center of lifelong learning, and five practical plans for the pursuit.

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Beware the Mirror

Jon Bloom

All of us sinners are Narcissistic to some degree. But the enchanting power that mirrors have over most of us is different from Narcissus. When we look into a mirror most of us are not captivated by our beauty, we are condemned by our defects.

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