A Surgeon for Sin-Sick Eyes

John Piper
True humility can take dramatically different forms from one clay pot to another. The form it took in John Newton was Christ-exalting tenderness. His own experience of “amazing grace” worked its way so deeply into his soul that he became a delicate surgeon for taking specks out of many sin-sick eyes. Continue Reading

Chosen by God, Cut Off from Christ

John Piper
The crisis in the first verses of Romans 9 is the unbelief of Israel, God’s chosen people. How can we trust God’s promises to us, if his promises to Israel did not come true? In this lab, John Piper wrestles with the tragedy of Israel turning away from God after everything they have been given. Continue Reading

Drunk You Is Not the Real You

Marshall Segal
Alcohol has been called the great truth serum. If you want to know what someone really thinks or how they really feel, just get a few drinks in them. The freedom they feel in drunkenness, though, is a futile and pitiful illusion. The gospel offers a better, more satisfying freedom. Continue Reading

You Only Live Once?

Ryan Shelton

It might surprise some Millennials to hear that one of our generational battle cries is fairly old school.

The popular acronym YOLO (you only live once) has captured the hearts of many an emerging hedonist (and not the Christian kind)…

Continue Reading