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Episode 1057

Jesus Said He’d Return Soon, So Where Is He?

Topic: Waiting
A careful study of New Testament prophecy should never lead us to assume that Jesus and the apostles were wrong about the timing of Jesus’s return.
Episode 1056

How Can I Better Study a Bible Passage?

Topic: Bible Reading
“Think over what I say,” commands the Lord. How can a faithful student of the Bible do this without leaning on commentaries and scholars?
Episode 1055

What Can We Say to Friends Facing Suffering?

Topic: Suffering
When suffering drones on and on, what can we do to stay steadfast in our call to share in this suffering?
Episode 1054

How Do I “Give My Life to God”?

Topic: Pursuit of Holiness
Settle it in your mind and heart whether you believe Christ purchased you. If so, you are utterly dependent on God for life, meaning, and satisfaction.
Episode 1053

I Know God Loves Me, but Does He Like Me?

Topic: The Love of God, Sanctification & Growth
If you live in the flesh, you will never please God. But those who have the Spirit delight God as they bear fruit. Even the small harvests please him.
Episode 1052

Did Israel’s King Consult with a Witch?

God’s people must not consult with mediums — not because there’s no such thing as communication with the dead, but because it is an abomination to do so.
Episode 1051

When Do I Unfollow My Pastor?

Topic: Church Issues
To be united to God is to be united in principle and in love to the people of God. We don’t choose between belonging to God and belonging to his people.
Episode 1050

How Do I Escape Regret over Hurt I’ve Caused?

Topic: Forgiveness
Don’t be paralyzed by feelings of regret. Rather let those very feelings empower you with a sense of greater grace, gratitude, and joy in God’s grace.
Episode 1049

How Do I Follow Big Sections of Scripture?

Topic: Bible Reading
As you study the Bible, study larger portions by looking for similarities in the sections that fit together.
Episode 1048

The Only Solution to Spiritual Blindness

Topic: Regeneration
Spiritually dead and blind people are willfully dark. It’s what they prefer. Therefore, they can only be rescued by a divine miracle.