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Episode 1096

What’s the Origin of Desiring God’s Slogan?

Topic: Christian Hedonism
This slogan became the heartbeat of John Piper’s life and the hallmark of Desiring God’s ministry. So where did it come from?
Episode 1095

Did Adam and Eve Sin Before the Bite?

Topic: Sin
The ultimate sin in the garden was not eating the fruit. Adam and Eve lost their taste for God’s beauty before they reached for the tree.
Episode 1094

Does God Control All Things All the Time?

Topic: The Sovereignty of God
We know that God has the ability to control everything, but does he always choose to exercise his full sovereignty?
Episode 1093

Popular Author Stumbles — What Should We Do With His Books?

Topic: Truth
All authors are flawed, but what should we do with an author’s work when a public failure discredits them as a sound teacher?
Episode 1092

Are We Called to Thank God for Our Severest Suffering?

Topic: Suffering
We don’t have to pretend we don’t feel pain from our losses. Grieving with hope means something far greater than moving on from the pain.
Special Episode

John Piper’s Prayer in the Path of Hurricanes

Topic: Natural Disasters
God doesn’t mean for us to forget him or minimize him when hurricanes devastate human life. John Piper turns Godward and prays in the path of hurricanes.
Episode 1091

What Is the Kingdom of God?

Topic: Kingdom of God
Jesus focused a lot on the kingdom of God. But what is the kingdom? And why does the rest of the New Testament hardly mention the theme?
Episode 1090

Are Small Churches Less Fruitful?

Topic: Church Membership, Church & Ministry
A pastor’s job is not to count how many people come on Sunday, but to make faith-filled, self-denying, fruit-bearing disciples.
Episode 1089

How Did I Fail My Unbelieving Children?

Topic: Parenting, Children
Parents will fail hundreds of times as they strive to raise their kids biblically. So how can we find hope in the midst of these many shortcomings?
Episode 1088

Has Marriage Become My Idol?

Topic: Marriage & Family
God never designed marriage to be our ultimate treasure. Here are some signs that we have made our marriage into something God never intended it to be.