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Episode 1033

Three Strategies for Overcoming the Superficial Life

Topic: The Unwasted Life, Life of the Mind
Our tragic loss of wonder and amazement is epidemic, especially in our age of ever-present distraction by superficial input from every manner of media.
Episode 1032

God Made Me — So Doesn’t He Owe Me Salvation?

Topic: Creation, The Sovereignty of God
Thinking that God owes us naturally leads to arrogant abuse. But knowing that we deserve nothing good from God naturally leads to brokenhearted love.
Episode 1031

Does the Bible Prescribe Alcohol to the Depressed?

Topic: Wisdom
Don’t open your mouth to alcohol to numb your pain. Open your mouth to speak right things that would deliver you from misjudgment.
Episode 1030

Is Male Headship a Lost Cause?

Topic: Manhood & Womanhood
There will always be complementarians willing to die for the truth who will give their lives rather than conform to an unbiblical culture.
Episode 1029

How Do I Love My Unbelieving Spouse?

Topic: Marriage
The key to persevering in a discouraging marriage is hope and faith from God’s word that he can overcome the divide.
Episode 1028

The Glory of Good Friday

Topic: The Death of Christ
Christ was a just and merciful substitute for sinners. When he died for his elect, he bore their punishment. They experience no condemnation.
Episode 1027

The Horror of Crucifixion

Topic: The Death of Christ
Studying the historical and physical realities of crucifixion shows how deplorable and inhumane that form of human extermination is.
Episode 1026

What’s the Last Thing You Would Tweet?

Topic: The Gospel
Jesus, God’s Son, died in the place of sinners and rose so that all who love him supremely might be forgiven all and have eternal joy in God.
Episode 1025

Campus Ministry and the Local Church — Do They Work Together?

Topic: Church & Ministry
When parachurch campus ministries are an extension of the local church, they can strategically reach and disciple the lost together.
Episode 1024

How Do Finite Beings Worship an Infinite God?

Topic: Life of Worship
God does not require finite man to love him infinitely. But he does require total and supreme love.