Put Sin to Death

John Piper
Paul warns us about letting sin linger in our lives, so how do we kill sin? Beginning with Romans 8, John Piper walks through several passages to explain the weapons God has given us to defeat sin and its deception. Continue Reading

14 Best Books of 2014

Tony Reinke

At Desiring God I cherish being surrounded by co-laborors and online friends who treasure great books, and who eagerly celebrate and share the most noteworthy titles as they come along.

In 2014, delicious non-fiction Christian titles ran off presses like…

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Sin Will Kill You

John Piper
Sin will kill you. God gives warnings in the Bible, and sometimes they seem to call into question our security in Christ. How should we read the Bible’s warnings? And what role do they play in our salvation? John Piper answers in this lab. Continue Reading