All Resources on Revelation 3

Good and Evil in the Churches of Asia and Bethlehem

Revelation 2:1 - 3:22


by John Piper

Jesus told four churches that he had something against them, but that not everything they did was in vain.

Can the Regenerate Be Erased from the Book of Life?

Meditation on Revelation 3:5

Revelation 3:5


by John Piper

Perseverance isn't ours without a struggle, but we struggle as victors.

The Book of Life

Exploring Key Words


by John Piper

When you come across an important word or phrase in your reading, stop to search for other uses of that same word or phrase. In this lab, John Piper briefly looks at six different verses to better understand the Book of Life.

How to Buy Gold When You're Broke

Revelation 3:14-22


by John Piper

The essence of lukewarmness is the statement, "I need nothing." The lukewarm are spiritually self-satisfied.