All Resources on Culture

Can Pluralistic Relativism Lead to Peace?


by John Piper

If truth is not the arbiter of our competing cultural desires, totalitarianism will result.

Meditations After a Monday at Barnes & Noble

On the Sadness of Sam Harris and Diane Setterfield


by John Piper

Thoughts on Christians in culture, postmodernism, truth, and story.

A Conversation with the Pastors

Desiring God 2006 National Conference

(The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World)

Conference Messages

by Tim Keller

Serious Sound Bites from Strong Men: Thoughts from Our Conference Speakers


by John Piper

Excerpts to pique your interest and give you a flavor of what was preached at the Desiring God National Conference.

Taking the Swagger Out of Christian Cultural Influence


by John Piper

Being exiles does not mean being cynical. Christians should be concerned about culture and involved in it.

The City of God and the City of Man: Recommended Reading on Christian Engagement in Culture


by Justin Taylor

Suggested books and articles on Christians and civic life.