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"Go, Sell Your Oil and Pay Your Debt"

Preparing for Commitment Sunday, March 17

2 Kings 4:1-7

by John Piper

What counts is not the amount you have but if it is utterly devoted to the purposes of God.

Can We Give $300,000 in Six Sundays?

by John Piper

From a human perspective 5000 people could not be fed from five loaves and two fish. But that was not Jesus’ perspective.

The William Carey Wild Card

by John Piper

The William Carey Wild Card is a challenge to think in a radically heaven-focused way about your treasure.

A Million-Dollar Love Affair

by John Piper

One test of our love is the way we support the ministry financially during the summer.

What Is Success on Commitment Sunday?

by John Piper

We should give as radical as we can in pursuit of our best biblical judgment.