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How Can Watching a Documentary About Insects Be a Worship Experience?

by John Piper

John Piper talks about displays of God's beauty and intelligence in creation that ought to inspire worship.

On Princeton and Worship

by John Piper

Take worship seriously. None of us knows when it will be our last day in the house of the Lord.

The Ministry of Waiting

by John Piper

Our love for one another should make us eager to help one another get to God.

Two Ways to Be Silent Before Majesty

by John Piper

We can be silent before majesty either because of its beauty or because of our blindness.

Worship in War-time

by John Piper

If worship were optional Paul and Silas would not have been singing with bloody backs in the Philippian dungeon at midnight.

O, Spare Us This Rebuke at Bethlehem!

Matthew 15:8-9

by John Piper

To grow up into the fullness of the stature of Christ includes emotional transformation.

Why Worship and Ministry Fridays?

by John Piper

Ten reasons to set aside a Friday night each month for corporate worship.

Bodies, Breakfast and the Marriage Bed

Meditation on Daily Worship

by John Piper

You are always in a temple—your body. Therefore, always worship.