All Resources on Marriage

Are We Too Financially Unstable To Get Married?

by John Piper

In episode 295, Pastor John discusses financial stability and getting married.

Must a Wife Take Her Husband’s Last Name?

by Tony Reinke and John Piper

In episode 222, Pastor John talks about a wife taking her husband's last name

Would You Attend a Gay Wedding?

by Tony Reinke and John Piper

In Episode 191, Pastor John explains why he would not attend the wedding of a same-sex couple.

Why Adam’s Singleness Was Not Good

by Tony Reinke and John Piper

In Episode 169, Pastor John explains why Adam’s singleness was “not good.”

Is My Husband’s Porn a Marriage Deal Breaker?

by Tony Reinke and John Piper

In Episode 165, Pastor John explains that marriage is a covenant to max, namely, a symbol of how Christ is bonded to his church.

What Advice Would You Give Newly Married John Piper?

by John Piper and Tony Reinke

In Episode 144, Pastor John shares the advice he would hypothetically give a “younger John Piper” about marriage.

Not Halves


by John Piper

Kill Anger Before It Kills You or Your Marriage

by John Piper

Anger is often a worse enemy than lust in marriage. What can you do to keep it from ruining yours?