Articles on Christian Biography

Abraham Lincoln's Path to Divine Providence

by John Piper

The hardships in Lincoln's life drove him toward God, not away from him.

Every Hero Gets Hiccups

by John Piper

One reason we settle for such ordinary “soap opera” lives is because we have no heroes.

A Passion for Holiness

Reflections on the Life of John Owen

by John Piper

Not many leaders today state the goals of their lives in terms of holiness.

Two Books on Revival—In One Day!

by John Piper

It is worth noting that men of Edwards’ and Lloyd-Jones’ stature wrote and spoke so extensively about revival.

Let Us Taste the Sweetness of Sovereignty

by John Piper

What kept William Carey going in the midst of great trial and loss?

Pointers from a Westminster Pastor

by John Piper

What sort of man was Martin Lloyd-Jones?

Allein's Alarm

by John Piper

Joseph Alleine's life and writing was a true model of Puritan evangelism.