Articles on Education

Teaching, Schooling and Reading

Bethel College

by John Piper

Good reading should be the vocation of a lifetime, not just an activity for school.

An Invitation from John Piper

With Calvin in the Theater of God

by John Piper

Five reasons why ordinary Christians should consider coming to the Desiring God Conference next month.

Has the Church Been Disarmed by the World?

by John Piper

Has the church come to depend on the world for too much of our education, leisure, entertainment and interpretation of current events?

Should Colleges Indoctrinate?

by John Piper

Indoctrination is not the only alternative to faith-weakening education.

Back to School: A Biblical Perspective

by John Piper

The business of education is God’s business. To ignore him in it is to be profoundly uneducated.

The Power of Knowledge

by John Piper

Knowledge doesn't guarantee godliness. But ignorance seems to guarantees ungodliness.

Truth and Love

by John Piper

Truth aims at love; love aims at truth. Love shapes how to speak the truth; truth shapes how to show love.

Word of God in Geneva and Bethlehem

by John Piper

A healthy church will be hungry for sound teaching. And a healthy church will feed that hunger.

Sneer Psalms and Covetous Capitalists

by John Piper

Two summer seminars for adults to grow in their understanding of Scripture and American society.

Sunday School as Liberation

by John Piper

Freedom is not doing what you please, but knowing the truth, loving the good, and never fearing the future.

The Sweet Providence of God in the Life of Our Four Sons

by Noël Piper

Noel Piper wonders what her sons' favorite childhood books have to do with their personalities.