Articles on Jonathan Edwards

To Nat Hatch: Reflections on Jonathan Edwards’ Sermon on 2 Peter 1:16

by John Piper

The sight of Christ’s glory is the ground of—not the equivalent to—faith.

Jonathan Edwards on the Problem of Faith and History

Published in the Scottish Journal of Theology, Vol. 31, pp. 217-228.

by John Piper

The primary value of historical arguments is that they cause us to consider the gospel more carefully.

A Personal Encounter with Jonathan Edwards

Published in The Reformed Journal 28 (11): 13-17.

(Reprinted by permission of Eerdmans Publishing Company. <br />All rights reserved.)

by John Piper

How did John Piper come to appreciate the life and work of Edwards?

Was Jonathan Edwards a Christian Hedonist?

by John Piper

In this article, John Piper asks "What does it matter what Edwards thought?" and then lets Edwards teach us in his own words.

Jonathan Edwards on the Pilgrim Mindset

by John Piper

What characteristics ought to mark the life of a Christian sojourner?