Articles on Marriage

Kill Anger Before It Kills You or Your Marriage

by John Piper

Anger is often a worse enemy than lust in marriage. What can you do to keep it from ruining yours?

"The Slow Fires of Misery"

Enduring the Pain of Flawed Marriage

by John Piper

Abraham Lincoln’s marriage was a mess, but accepting the pain brought deep strength in the long run.

John's Crazy Joy: More on Bridegrooms and Purification

John 3:22-30

by John Piper

Husbands, don't contradict the gospel by how you treat your wives.

Married or Single: For Better or Worse

by John Piper

If what Piper says about the blessing of singleness is true, then why would one even want to be married?

Marriage: Is It Only Forgive and Forbear, or Also Confront?

by John Piper

If a man and woman are totally commited to each other—even if neither changes—the call for change is grace, not an ultimatum.