Articles on Missions

Soundbites from the Battlefield

by John Piper

Sixteen quotes to motivate and make ready your heart for missions.

Driving Convictions Behind Foreign Missions

by Tom Steller and John Piper

Fourteen beliefs that keep the missions flame burning.

The Need for Something New in Missions

by John Piper

Is the allocation of our missionaries and mission funds in accord with the biblical priorities?

In Need of Alien Minds

by John Piper

If we cherish our citizenship in heaven above all earthly allegiances, we may be able to invite non-Americans to join us there.

Until the Kingdom Comes

by John Piper

Until Christ returns, worship, education, counseling, fellowship, money, marriage, leisure, family, and vocation all have a war-time emphasis.

Operation: Ten Talents

New Strategies for New Ventures in Missions

by John Piper

There are quality things around your house that can be converted into capital for the cause of Christ.

“Safe for Democracy” or “Sent for the Gospel”

When a Cause Matters

by John Piper

Can the church have any integrity unless the summons of Christ moves us to stratgize and sacrifice with dedication and joy?

Something Radical Is Required

by John Piper

Sixty-six thousand people a day die without Christ among the unreached peoples. Knowing this, what should you do?

Worldwide Reasons for Hope in the Triumph of the Gospel

by John Piper

Eight evidences that God is mightily at work in the world to accomplish his redeeming purposes.

World Missions: The Purpose, the Promise, and the Price

by John Piper

"All the nations" is an essential component to the purpose, the promise and the price of world missions.

A Passion for Missions in the Men Who Stay

by John Piper

Laymen must be challenged to live for a cause greater than their present jobs.

Then the End Will Come

by John Piper

The cause of world missions is absolutely assured of success. It cannot fail.

Thoughts on Lausanne II in Manila

by John Piper

A taste test of John Piper's observations and reflections from Manila.

Is Jesus Christ Man's Only Hope for Salvation?

by John Piper

Can people still be saved even if they never hear the name of Jesus?

What Can Keep a Missionary Going?

by John Piper

Here are some of the stupendous promises to sustain us in a work that may be long and may be hard, but will triumph in the end.

From Misplaced Shame to Mission Flame

by John Piper

Bible promises remove the mountains of shame that can hinder your missions involvement.

Confidence Kindles Commitment to the Cause!

by John Piper

Confidence in missions comes mainly from the unshakable promises of God. But historical trends can help too.

Mark This Day and Marvel at the Work of God

by John Piper

September 7 marks the 200th anniversary of Protestant missions in China.