Articles on Money

The Eye Is the Lamp of the Body

A Meditation on Matthew 6:19-24

Matthew 6:19-24

by John Piper

A bad eye is one that can't see that mercy is more precious than money.

Why I Am Opposed To A State Lottery

by John Piper

Lotteries feed bad desires and lead to bad stewardship.

Picture Jesus Playing the Lottery

by John Piper

Three reasons why you should resist playing the lottery.

Acclaim for Christ vs. Craving Praise

by John Piper

How do we reconcile "do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing" with "let your light shine before others"?

The Tragedy of Langston Hughes and a Warning I Will Heed

by John Piper

In his spite for Christ, Hughes issues a caution it is important to hear.

Money, Markets, and Ministry

Giving and Selling in the Mission of Desiring God

by John Piper

The radical nature of what we are called to spread profoundly shapes the way we spread it.

What Is the "Bad Eye" in Matthew 6:23?

Matthew 6:23

by John Piper

If your emotions are drawn more by material things than by Christ then you probably aren't seeing the beauty of grace.

An Open Letter To Governor Tim Pawlenty Concerning the Expansion of State-Supported Casino Gambling in Minnesota

by John Piper

The desire to be rich is suicidal. Endorsing it by encouraging gambling is cruel.

Don't Play the Lottery for Me!

by John Piper

Why Christians should never knowingly take money won by gambling.

God Can Turn This Around

God's Will for Our Money

by John Piper

Seven things about your money to think and pray over.