Articles on Prayer

When Does God Answer Prayer?

1 John 3:22-23

by John Piper

Prayer is not designed to compound hoarded pleasures. If we do not aim to love, we pray in vain.

What to Pray For

by John Piper

Paying attention to what the early church prayed for can help keep your prayer life from falling in a rut.

Persevere in Prayer!

Colossians 4:2-4

by John Piper

It is God who works in us to will our prayers, but we always experience it as our own resolve and decision.

No Prayer, No Power

by John Piper

Our defense and our offense as a church is an active, persistent, believing prayer force.

Let's Find "Grace for a Well-Timed Help" Together

Hebrews 4:16

by John Piper

Hebrews 4:6 reminds us to seek God not only for the kind of grace we need but also for the timing of it.

How I Was Moved to Tears

by John Piper

What prayer commitments might God be nudging you to make?

Praying for What Cannot Fail

by John Piper

We pray, not because the outcome is uncertain, but because it is certain.

"Praying the Vision"

Two Summer Dreams Take Shape, Part 1

by John Piper

What might God do when the whole congregation says, “Seeking the Lord in prayer is so important that we will give it prime time on Sunday morning, and not just a little sandwich slot on Wednesday evening”?

A Prayer Jesus Would Not Answer

by John Piper

If the answer to our prayer doesn't come as we want, let us not assume that the Lord has no affection for us nor any tugs to do what we want.

Remarkable Answers to Prayer

Getting Ready for Prayer Week

by John Piper

Prayer is like marriage. It should be a mix of both discipline and spontaneity.

Not Just a Successful Church

An Invitation to More

by John Piper

Why pray? Because God aims to make us co-victors with him.

Backfire Casualties

by John Piper

The danger of prayer is that you may become the answer to your own request.

Prayer and Predestination

A Conversation Between Prayerful and Prayerless

by John Piper

A conversation between "Prayerful" and "Prayerless" on why we ask God to do what he already intends to do.

The Hour That Changes The World

by John Piper

Prayer is the slender nerve that moves the muscle of Omnipotence.

I Plant, You Water

by John Piper

No church can remain fruitless if it soaks the seed of the Word in fervent, hungry prayer week after week.

How to Pray for Half-an-Hour

by John Piper

Three suggestions for how to persevere and profit in prayer.

Praying till Pentecost Comes

by John Piper

The rising tide of prayer precedes the flood of God’s Spirit.

Signs of the Coming Revival

by John Piper

The inspiration, preservation and preparation of people for missionary service requires a great movement of prayer.

Tips for Praying the Word

by John Piper

Observations and advice to help you pray biblical prayers.

Meal Time Prayers

by John Piper

If meal time prayers are almost always the same, why not craft some which really say something significant?

Does Prayer Spoil the Party?

by John Piper

Consistent Christians never want to exclude Jesus from anything they do.