Articles on Pride & Humility

The Pride of Being Afraid

by John Piper

Every time we let fear hinder us we are proudly trusting our emotions more than the promises of God.

How To Fight the Sin of Pride, Especially When You Are Praised

Ten Things I Do

by John Piper

What strategies can help me forget myself and enjoy more of Christ?

The Lord Alone Will Be Exalted

Making War on Pride

by John Piper

What is God's attitude toward pride? What is the remedy for pride?

The Shy Virtue of Christmas

Philippians 2:6-8

by John Piper

Jesus' humility is at the heart of Christmas.

Real Guilt Is Rare

by John Piper

Real guilt is radically God-centered. Satan’s substitute is the bad feelings we get from a wounded ego.

What Is Humility?

by John Piper

Is it arrogant to believe that treasuring Jesus is the only way to be saved?