Articles on Sanctification & Growth

New Year's Resolutions? Oops.

by John Piper

The possibilities of joyful service are too great to let yourself be paralyzed by the past.

How to Be Spiritually Minded

by John Piper

What does Mac vs. PC have to do with spiritual-mindedness? Seventeen practical ways to align your attitude with God's.

The Solution Is Closer Than You Think

Three Ways of Seeing

by John Piper

Sometimes we are prepared to see what we see and sometimes our minds have to be changed before we can accept reality.

Storms Are the Triumph of His Art

Away, Despair!

by John Piper

There is no place for despair in the Christian life. To be out of the pit of hell is to be on the ground of mercy.

The Transforming Power of Feeling Mercy

by John Piper

Let the horror you've been rescued from and the mercy you live in make you humble, thankful, patient, kind, and forgiving.

Walk Worthy of God?

by John Piper

Can we deserve or earn anything good from God? If not, then what does it mean to be worthy of him?

When to Be Merciful and When to Demand Justice

by John Piper

Consider three criteria for deciding when to love others with mercy and when to love them with justice.